Color Switch Review – The Most Addicting Game


Do you find Flappy bird addictive? Well if you install Color Switch to your smartphone you will definitely love it! They have the similarities, you just need to tap-tap.

We really love the tap-tap game, we really find it addicting (we don’t know why) because every time I got failed I always want to play again and again, just tap and tap and tap (Watch this guy playing it).

What Color Switch make you really excite is they now have more stages, if you played it a month ago you better try it now again, I really love the Cave Stage it’s so challenging. You will not get boring because it has too many game modes. There are some stages that really get you out of your comfort zone, try the Reverse mode and you will knock your self out because you can’t play it nicely.

So What is Good About Color Switch?

They update this game regularly, at first launch of this game they only have 1 game mode but as time goes by they constantly updating the game so you will not get bored, they now have 18 Game modes to be exact.

Who Can Play this Game?

It suitable for the whole family, in-fact you can play it in the house with the whole family as your bonding time, try to challenge every member of you family and try to beat each other high score, it’s really exciting.
You can also play it while you are taking 5 on your office or school for pastime and kill the boredom.

Is This Game Safe for Kids?

Of course, this game is made for kids it’s really enjoyable and I’m sure that if you let your kids play it you will never get your tablet or smartphone back because it’s really addicting, but don’t let your kids play it overnight if they have school day tomorrow.

Overall Conclusion.

One of the best Tap-Tap game ever after the Flappy Bird, I really found it addicting and there are more varieties if stages that will keep you playing it and can’t get enough of it. It’s really amazing because you don’t have to anything to play this, it’s totally free, so you can download it now and enjoy with the family.

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