Stack by KetchApp Review


Well, does your life is bored? Don’t make it more bored by doing nothing, there is a awesome game that developed by KetchApp that will definitely kill you boring day. This game is just a repeating game but it’s very exciting.


You will need to play this game if you are:

  1. Bored everyday – My daily routine is very bored until my friend introduce this game to me and now every time I play it my bored always go away.
  2. Need some Pastime – Every time I play this game time always goes fast and I didn’t even notice it.
  3. Have no Games to Play – RPG’s are same old so I play this game after I play my RPG just like dessert.

Funny Final Tips:

Want to be cool? Just play this game and you will be cool instantly because there are allot of cool kids out there that playing this game, and you will be one of the instantly after you install this game to your smartphone.

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